Premium Wall art 15% Off | Coupon Code: FIRST15 | Free Shipping. Returns.
Premium Wall art 15% Off | Coupon: FIRST15
Free Shipping. Returns.
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    For a fabulous look on the wall, where and how you hang the art, carries a lot of weight. Here are great tips for you to know.

    Keep 3 inch distance

    How to hang collage

    For great asthetics, keep about 3 inch distance between adjacent edges of the artworks

    Align the centers

    How to Align Art Pieces

    Align the centers of the art work and not the edges

    Hang Art at Eye Level

    Hanging Height of Art Pieces

    For large single art piece, hang it such that center of the art is at about 5 feet (60 inches) from the floor.

    6 to 8 inch Above Funiture

    Hanging Art above Furniture

    For art piece above furniture, hang it such that lower edge of the artwork is 6 to 8 inches from the top edge of the furniture.

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