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    A play of colour in hues & shades with tint & tones in modern, geometric, black & white abstracts & more.

    Catch the eye balls with these amazing abstract paintings on your walls.

    1015 artworks
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    Transmit IV
    Harper, Ethan
    Way to Go Cinnamon Version
    PI Studio
    Tierra Panel II
    Pinto, Patricia
    Longcut III
    Duarte, Matias
    Castanets Crop
    Vassileva, Silvia
    Waves Cinnamon Version
    PI Studio
    Pastoral Landscape Cinnamon Version
    PI Studio
    Shadow Pebbles I Cinnamon Version
    PI Studio
    Shadow Pebbles II Cinnamon Version
    PI Studio
    Riflessi del tramonto
    Walking Through III
    Fuchs, Jodi
    Riflessi del mattino I (detail)
    Coherence II
    PI Studio
    So Quietly III
    Hochstatter, Kelsey
    Day After I
    Barnes, Natasha
    Coherence I
    PI Studio
    Turquoise Abstract
    Cosmic Rings II
    Harper, Ethan
    So Quietly II
    Hochstatter, Kelsey
    On Hold I
    PI Studio
    Tinge of Gold IV
    Selkirk, Edward
    Textured Triptych II
    Fuchs, Jodi
    Isabelle Z
    Foreshadow II
    PI Studio
    Custom Riviera
    Rojero, Pablo
    Stratum 1
    Villarreal Villarreal, Gabriela
    Overlay I
    Jardine, Liz
    Blue Abstract color island sardinia
    Zucca, Gianfranco
    Textured Triptych I
    Fuchs, Jodi
    PI Studio
    Betamax II
    Isabelle Z
    Protected II
    Fields, Laurie
    Ochre, Blue Overlay I
    West, Sarah
    Amplified II
    PI Studio
    Oh Wonder I
    PI Studio
    Walking Through II
    Fuchs, Jodi
    Day After II
    Barnes, Natasha
    Transmit III
    Harper, Ethan
    Mindlessness II
    Bramma, Lila
    Tinge of Gold III
    Selkirk, Edward
    Ocean Splash II Mint Version
    PI Studio
    Consistent I
    Tom Reeves
    Graphics IV
    Paschke, Chris
    Overlay II
    Jardine, Liz
    Sleepless Nights II
    PI Studio
    Changed Perspective II
    Jasper, Sisa
    Tropic Reflection No. 2
    Herckenrath, Ingeborg
    Changing Currents I
    Jill, Susan
    Amplified III
    PI Studio
    Protected I
    Fields, Laurie
    Foreshadow III
    PI Studio
    Ocean Splash I Mint Version
    PI Studio
    Dawn to Dusk
    Griggs, Jan
    Adjacent Shapes II
    Goldberger, Jennifer
    Graphics III
    Paschke, Chris
    On Hold II
    PI Studio
    Cerulean Texture II
    Tice, C.
    Going Home II
    Popp, Grace
    Color Blocking III
    Popp, Grace
    Translucent Abstraction I
    Goldberger, Jennifer
    Rianti I
    Jachimiec, Sue
    Path Ways I
    Saunders, Alonzo
    Backstage 34 II
    Ashley, Erin
    Missive III
    Vess, June Erica
    Ridgers, Lisa
    Urban Decay I
    Ashley, Erin
    Orange and Blue II
    Gordon, Sharon
    Collider IV
    Borges, Victoria
    Instinctual Beauty II
    Hibberd, Randy
    Precept II
    Vess, June Erica
    Ridgers, Lisa
    Drop Box II
    Ashley, Erin
    Tides and Tummult
    Bothne, Janet
    Road House Blues I
    Ashley, Erin
    Tendrils III
    Goldberger, Jennifer
    Fog Bank II
    Vess, June Erica
    Precision Movements I
    Jardine, Liz
    Daydreaming II
    Isabelle Z
    Abstract Landscape
    Trujillo, Jose
    Circle Carnival I
    King, Amber
    Entranced II
    Chandler, Sharon
    Curvilinear I
    Goldberger, Jennifer
    Fowler, Jan Sullivan
    Pure Adolescence
    Reeves, Tom
    Blue Amore II
    Jasper, Sisa
    Layers of Connection
    Ridgers, Lisa
    Hale, Karen
    Stacks III Neutral
    Averinos, Melissa
    Sumi-E Abstract II
    Goldberger, Jennifer
    Sweet Juliets I
    Ashley, Erin
    Mosaic Mesa II
    Vess, June Erica
    Sculpted II
    Tienhaara, Michael
    Rounds II
    Zarris, Chariklia
    Dockside 37 II
    Ashley, Erin
    A Dream No. 2
    Schubert, Bea Garding
    Double Scoop I
    Borges, Victoria
    Broughton, Shaylen
    Hochstatter, Kelsey
    Spontaneous II
    OToole, Tim
    Linear Expression III
    Holland, J.
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    How to Hang Paintings?

    Here're Tips on the Art of Hanging

    Keep 3 inch distance

    For great asthetics, keep about 3 inch distance between adjacent edges of the artworks

    How to hang collage

    Align the artwork centers

    Align the centers of the artworks and not the edges and the wall art will look better

    How to Align Art Pieces

    Hang Art at Eye Level

    For large single painting piece, hang it such that it's center is at about 5 feet (60 inches) from the floor

    Hang Art at Eye Level

    6 to 8 inch Above Funiture

    When hanging above furniture, hang it such that the lower edge of the artworks is 6 to 8 inches from the top edge of the furniture

    How to hang Hanging Art above Furniture

    How to Choose the Size for Paintings For Home?

    Go too big or too small and the painting may not look very aesthetic. Typically the painting width should cover about 2/3rd of the sofa or bed width.

    How to Choose Size

    How to Customize Art Prints at ArteVenue.com?

    This guide show you how to customize the artwork exactly as you need. In addition to being able to choose the print surface as canvas or paper, choose the frame, mount size and color, ArteVenue.com is the only website for Art that lets you choose the size each inch-by-inch. With every customization you perform, instantaneuously you can see the artwork with the changes.

    Another First in India: See the artwork on your own wall/space. After you select from standard sizes or customize it yourself, you can view it on your own wall

    See It On Your Own Home Wall

    Using your mobile phone

    View Artwork On Your Own Wall

    Choose the Print Surface

    Choose print surface

    Framing options for Paper

    Choose Frame Type - Paper

    Framing options for Canvas

    Choose Frame Type - Canvas

    Choose from Standard Sizes or Customize

    Choose from Standard Sizes or Customize It

    Choose Your Own Size

    Choose Your Own Size

    Choose The Frame

    Choose The Frame

    Choose Mount, Colour and Width

    Applies only to print on paper

    Choose Mount Color and Size

    Arte’Venue has the largest collection of painting wall art in India which are fully customizable. We make it easy to find the perfect paintings for home, office or any space.

    Our website has the augmented reality feature to virutally see chosen painting in your own space. So now buy paintings online with confidence.

    We have you covered for everyting while searching for paintings. Look no further than artevenue.com.

    Buy premium quality & affordable paintings wall art for home and office interiors at Arte'Venue. Buying paintings online is made easier with our largest and awesome collection of licensed art prints in India. All our art prints are licesed and fully customizable.

    We have the largest collection of art prints from abstract wall art category. We offer complete satisfaction gurantee, free returns and free delivery. So look no further.
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